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Al Keith, BA, CRT, AE-C

Al Keith is a Certified Asthma Educator, Respiratory Therapist, Musician, and the creator of "Asthma Blues" ® I and II.  "Asthma Blues" ® is "Music With A Message That Matters!" ®. "Asthma Blues" ® is not just for children with asthma, but for anyone with asthma. "Asthma Blues" ® empowers and equips patients, families and caregivers with evidence-based guidelines, goals and recommendations outlined in Section 3, Component 2 of the EPR-3: Education for a Partnership In Asthma Care. 


CTK Clinical Consultants now offers a virtual online Asthma Blues Mini-Camp! CTK's camp features Al Keith and the music from Asthma Blues to deliver the curriculum to increase asthma knowledge and self-management skills. As COVID-19 restrictions are decreasing, plan for your 2022 camp to be in person, including Al and his Asthma Blues teaching music!                             

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In the video, Al Keith and the Asthmaniacs perform the title song from the  "Asthma Blues" CD at Camp Asthmania in South Carolina.