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Ain't No Joke & Get Your Shot!


Breathing secondhand smoke has a damaging effect on the lungs, but this is even more dangerous for those that have asthma. Directed at the smoker, the purpose of this song is to educate them about how their smoking habit affects those around them, particularly those with lung disease. The narration illustrates the number of cancer-causing chemicals contained in secondhand smoke as well as the morbidity and mortality statistics associated with it. “Ain’t no joke, breathing secondhand smoke!”


CTK is educating the public in the fight against COVID-19! Stay safe and healthy by following the science and using best practices with available tools. You can hear these evidence-based tools in new music from CTK! We now have vaccines that can protect us against COVID-19, so, Get Your Shot, and Protect Yourself! Learn that It's A Variant that threatens us, so wear your mask and don't let your guard down! Get With The Program and above all, Let's Play It Safe!