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Al Keith is a Certified Asthma Educator, Respiratory Therapist, Musician, and creator of "Asthma Blues"® I and II. "Asthma Blues"® I and II are innovative, evidence-based, entertaining musical asthma education tools. His songs are not just for children with asthma, but for anyone with asthma. "Asthma Blues"® empowers and equips patients as well as families with the guidelines, goals and recommendations outlined in Section 3, Component 2 of the EPR-3:Education for a Partnership In Asthma Care.  


In my understanding, the goal of motivation is to increase effort. When I look at our children, I see oceans of untapped energy. The question is, how do we harness and channel that energy into growth potential that helps to create responsible and productive citizens of our world? A very insightful poet and musician, Gil Scott-Heron said in one of his songs, "We've got to do something to Save The Children. Soon it will be their turn to try and save the world". More often than not, the messages they need to hear are not received early enough to have maximum impact, resulting in suboptimal academic performance and social behavior. CTK Clinical's "I Can Be Anything"© presentation is our effort to motivate and communicate achievable goals to students using music, the Universal Communicator. This presentation is available to you and your school to motivate your students. 

For information, e-mail Al Keith at: ctkclinical@sbcglobal.net