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 Be Asthma Aware!
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"Asthma Blues"® Self-Empowerment Kit 
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“Asthma Blues”® is music created for people with asthma, their families and caregivers.
Asthma control, identification of asthma triggers, purpose and proper delivery
of relief and controller medication, purpose and use of a peak flow meter,
and the importance of a written asthma action plan to guide self-management are
some of the messages delivered in songs of popular musical genres such as
Blues, Country & Western, Hip-Hop, Reggae, R&B, and Rock & Roll.




The Buzz on "Asthma Blues"®


“Asthma Blues” brings new power to the core messages we need to deliver to ALL children and youths with asthma. Through “Asthma Blues”, Al Keith has provided an exciting new media for raising asthma literacy in America. His music brings fun and greater effectiveness to asthma education. I believe we are far more likely to change behavior and promote appropriate self-care actions among kids and adults by adding “Asthma Blues” to our "educator toolkit".

Ben Francisco, PhD, PNP-BC, AE-C
Director, Asthma Ready Communities
Research Assistant Professor, Child Health
Pulmonary Medicine & Allergy, School of Medicine
University of Missouri Health Systems



“While asthma is very much a disease of inflammation, its successful management is very much a matter of communication. Al Keith and CTK provide a remarkably relevant tool kit to foster effective asthma education in an age-appropriate and culturally relevant manner.  This tool kit is aimed at our most vulnerable patients...the young children who suffer so much from a disease poorly understood and therefore, poorly managed.”

LeRoy M. Graham, MD                                                                                     
Pediatric Pulmonologist 
Inaugural CEO and Director, Bridge Atlanta Medical Center
Founder and Director, Not One More Life








Al Keith performing "Asthma Blues" in CHOP's "The Voice" studio 

as part of World Asthma Day at Children's Hospital Of Philadelphia.



"Asthma Blues "is The Answer