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"Asthma Blues"® II is here!
I am very excited to announce the release of "Asthma Blues"® II! Our brand new empowering, educational and exciting asthma education CD is the continuation of the "Music-Based Educational Bridge to Improved Asthma Knowledge"! Take advantage of the "Asthma Blues"® II Pre-Order Special! Pre-Order "Asthma Blues"® II at $9 before 8/24/18, get the 1st "Asthma Blues"® CD for $6. This is a great asthma education package of both CD's for $15! E-mail: al@asthmablues.com with questions.


"Asthma Blues" II with Special Offer

         Get the"Asthma Blues"®  Self-Empowerment Kit (CD and book) now for $16.00!

           Take advantage of new pricing for friends and family living with asthma!

With 26 million Americans having asthma, this package is a very practical gift for anyone who will, without a doubt,  

come in contact with someone that has asthma.

The "Asthma Blues"® Music CD-$8 and "Asthma Blues"® Study Guide-$4, are delivered as the "Asthma Blues"® Self-Empowerment Kit.

Now available for $16.00! This includes tax, S&H! Order today to raise your awareness as well as increase your asthma knowledge and self-management skills!

                                                                         Increase your Asthma Awareness! Be empowered and entertained with "Asthma Blues"®


"Asthma Blues" Music CD

"Asthma Blues" Self-Empowerment Guide

Facebook.jpg Families Living With Asthma & "Asthma Blues"®

The "Asthma Blues"® Music CD - $8.00

“Asthma Blues"® translates the goals of the NHLBI Expert Panel Report 3 into music and delivers 5 of the 6 Key Priority Messages from the NHLBI Guidelines Implementation Panel (GIP) Report. Utilizing the science of music and learning, the "Asthma Blues"® CD has been designed to educate individuals with asthma, their families, and caregivers. Asthma control, identification of asthma triggers, purpose and proper delivery of relief and controller medication, purpose and use of a peak flow meter, and the importance of a written asthma action plan to guide self-management are some of the messages delivered in songs of popular musical genres such as Blues, Country & Western, Hip-Hop, Reggae, R&B, and Rock & Roll.

The "Asthma Blues"® Self-Empowerment Guide - $4.00
 The "Asthma Blues"® Study Guide is the perfect complement to the "Asthma Blues"® Music CD.

The Study Guide will help to:
Raise awareness among program participants that asthma is a serious, but manageable chronic disease
Teach participants basic asthma physiology that includes the components of asthma and their effect on the lungs
Improve the recognition of asthma symptoms and triggers by patients, families, and caregivers
Bring clarity to the specific function of asthma medications and proper technique for their delivery
Explain the purpose and importance of a peak flow meter as part of a written asthma action plan




***"Asthma Blues"® Special Offer! 5 CDs for $35!*** 

Reach more, teach more! For asthma education classes and seminars,

get the "Asthma Blues"® Instructor's Kit for $300.00!** 

“Asthma Blues”®
Empowering With Education! 
   Instructor’s Kit for Asthma Groups

11 "Asthma Blues" Music CDs
10 "Asthma Blues" Study Guides
1 Instructor's Guide
1 "Asthma Blues" Instructors DVD

$300.00 plus tax, S&H

**Phone training and 60 day support $75.00. 


(Additional music CDs and books available)