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Al Keith and "Asthma Blues"® at the 2014 AAPA-AAI convention in San Antonio TX. 



 Al Keith, RT and musician, opened the 2014 W.C.Handy Music Festival with "Asthma Blues Live!" on the lawn of the landmark W.C. Handy home in Florence, AL.


Al doing asthma education along with at the St. Louis Surge event. 

Al at St Louis Surge

 The Association of Asthma Educators 2014 Conference: San Antonio, TX

The Association of Asthma Educators 2013 Conference: Charleston, SC

(Click this link for video)


 Al sings "Get Your Peak Flow On"
At AAE Community Outreach Event

Play - Get Your Peak Flow On


Al sings "You Need an Action Plan"
At the AAE Community Outreach Event


AAE 2013 Conference President's Luncheon