I am Al Keith, a respiratory therapist, musician, and the creator of "Asthma Blues"®.
After watching my daughter, Adrienne, live for only seven weeks after her premature birth, I went back to school to become a neonatal respiratory therapist. My passions, music and educating patients and families about lung health are the impetus behind "Asthma Blues"®. "Asthma Blues"® is an innovative and evidence-based asthma education program that uses the science of music and learning to deliver the National Asthma Education and Prevention Program guidelines for asthma management.

The "Asthma Blues"® CD translates the patient education goals (Section 3, Component 2)  of the EPR-3 into music and delivers 5 of the 6 Key Priority Messages from the Guidelines Implementation Panel (GIP) Report. "Asthma Blues"® addresses and amplifies a core theme of the GIP Report, communication.

Our brand new lung health education CD, "Asthma Blues"® II, will bring fresh and exciting music to the "Asthma Blues"® library that addresses subject matter such as: secondhand smoke, smoking prevention, risk and danger of anaphylaxis related to an existing asthma or allergy diagnosis, asthma control, and the importance of a personal asthma action plan.